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  1. Ericka

     /  May 4, 2011

    Beautiful trailer…didn’t know you had this. Read the book and it fits it perfectly…brings back memories of what I read! Wish you many more successful novels as this!


  2. I love your book Trailer. The music and photos are such a good fit to the story. Very nice overall effect.


    • Thanks, Susan. We felt it went well with the book. Next time I hope to have some music that’s a bit more upbeat. Again, it will depend upon what feels appropriate. Thanks for dropping in. Happy Valentine’s day!


  3. Laura, even though I watched your trailer long ago (meaning, soon after you put it up here) I didn’t comment here. I just watched it again and it still brings up emotion in me … so by that you can know it is very effective. The music, subdued visuals, and the few but direct words all go well together to create a powerful invitation to read Bitter, Sweet. Love it.


    • Thanks, Lynn. You’re always so wonderfully supportive, and I value your friendship and comments. 🙂

      I think it is wonderful that CANSCAIP has put all these trailers on one page.



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