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From time to time I’ve invited authors to write a guest post on my blog to promote themselves and their books. If you’re a published author and would like to be a guest on my blog please contact me through the “contact me” tab on this blog. If you write a guest post I ask that you promote it on social media sites. I will do the same.

2010 JoAnn Yhard Meet JoAnn Yhard

2010 Penny Ferguson What Editors Really Want

2010 Pam Chamberlain Welcome Pam Chamberlain

2011 Dave Ebright Guest Blogger Dave Ebright

2011 Susan White The Year Mrs. Montague Cried

2011 Darlene Foster Guest Blogger Darlene Foster

2011 Joylene Butler Guest Blogger Joylene Nowell Butler

2011 Jan Coates Guest Blogger Jan Coates

2013 JoAnn Yhard JoAnn Yhard on Writing a Sequel

2014 Amy’s Marathon of Books Guest Post

2014 Marsha Skrypuch Interview With Marsha Skrypuch

2015 Syr Ruus PUBLISH BEFORE YOU PERISH (or the little Red Hen.)

2015 Heather Wright Guest Post Heather Wright

2015 Christi Corbett Guest Post Christi Corbett

2015 Darlene Foster Guest Post Darlene Foster

2015 Daphne Greer Interview with Daphne Greer

2016 Christy Ann Conlin Interview with Christy Ann Conlin

2017 Darlene Foster : Following in the Footsteps of Amanda

2018 Syr Ruus:Interview with Author  Syr Ruus

2018 Kayla Hounsell : First Degree: The Story Behind my First Book

2020 Melanie Mosher : Interview with Melanie Mosher


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