Okay, So I Frigged It Up Myself

It’s okay to use the word “frig” in a blog post title, right? If not, I guess it’s too late now. But here’s the scoop, the thing I frigged up is my blog. Don’t tell me ya didn’t notice. I hate it. But I guess I’m stuck with it at least for a little while.

A word of advice. Don’t frig with your blog theme while on dial-up. Okay, so who am I kidding.? I don’t think anyone else on the web has dial-up except me. Sheesh!

Do you realize just how many themes are out there on WordPress and just how long they all take to load with a dial-up connection? Try hours!  My dial-up connection is SO slow. Okay, so this is where you ask, How Slow is it? My dial-up connection is so slow that I keep a book handy to read while I’m waiting for pages to load. Seriously, folks. I could have read through an entire volume of encyclopedias by this time. It’s slowly killing me. Anyway, since I can’t remember the name of the theme I had before I can’t even scroll through the “unloaded” themes and reactivate it.

So for now, I’m stuck with this one. Dial-up. Pffff.  Sorry, but for now, maybe forever it’s my reality, my curse for living in a wooded area where I can’t have access to the only “high speed” (and I put that in quotes as it’s the slowest high speed there is) available. So, send me a few good vibes so that I can figure this out and get my old theme back.  Frig.


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  1. Laura, I feel for you big time! I know what you are going through, having suffered far too long with dial-up until it drove me to tears. The saving grace for me was that I finally found an alternative. I pray you will, too. And yes, in this case .. use that word!


  2. Oh, don’t worry. 🙂 The best blogs are about the quality of the posts, and yours are always great. It’s okay if your site doesn’t have as much visual sparkle as usual. (But wow . . . dial up, hey? You do have my sympathy! :D)


  3. I’m glad you posted, it’s always nice to see you! Sorry you’re having so much trouble with your blog and dial-up.


  4. Your theme was Comet. I looked up one of your old post on an internet archive site.

    And I sympathize with your dial-up connection. I remember when I used to have one and I did exactly what you did, read while the pages loaded.


  5. It’s amazing how many themes are out there. I can only imagine trying to make changes with dial up…I remember how long it took to load a single photo!


  6. I remember reading while waiting on dial up. The frustrations are mighty, but we know it’s about your words (including frig–you’re entitled) not the pictures, so count on our patience as you sort through your changes.


  7. Come visit me at the lake next time – we can play with WordPress themes together:)



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