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I want to make mention that in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be featuring posts by some local authors. I really hope you’ll take the time to read their posts and maybe even welcome them to the blogging world because, for some of them, this will be a first.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell most of you how important it is to support our local writers. After all, I’m also a “local” author to many of you and you’ve all been SO wonderfully supportively to me since the publication of my very first novel Bitter, Sweet back in 2009. That’s thirteen years ago. I know. Seems impossible, right?

As an author, I understand the challenges of getting my work out there to the public. Many people are under the impression that once a book is published and in book stores that the buying public simply gobbles up all available copies and publishing houses are having trouble keeping up with demands, that authors are made wealthy with the publication of each book. I wish that were true.

One of the hardest parts, after the actual writing, is letting others know about our book. That’s were all of you come into play and is why I’ve invited authors to use my blog as another way to get their books noticed.

In the upcoming weeks authors Denise Adams, Elaine McCluskey and Sean Paul Bedell will be putting in an appearance on my blog and there will be others authors later in the year as their books come closer to the publication date. I really hope you’ll drop in and find out who they are and about their books. It could be something you’re VERY interested in. And please remember to share if you’re someone who understands the importance of supporting our local authors. There are buttons at the bottom of this post that make it easier for sharing.

Thanks so much, and I hope you’ll come on board to support local authors whenever possible!

PS: If you’re a local author and would like to appear as a guest on my blog to plug your book, email me through the “contact” tab or private message me through social media.

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  1. Awesome! I’ve done this several times. It feels good to promote other writers. Every time I meet a writer new to the writing world, I tell them this is the best community I’ve ever been a member of. Hands down. I never feel like writers are competing against each other. I feel we are working together, one helping the other. It’s like rock climbing, where once someone gains a few feet, they reach behind them and help the next person.



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