Rising Up

But from this earth, this grave, this dust, My God shall raise me up, I trust. – Walter Raleigh

My son took two photos last year on Good Friday. (The other one I posted on my Dalhousie blog.) Everytime I see this photo I’m inspired by its deeper meaning.

 A few days ago I had lunch with a writer friend of mine. It was difficult not to feel inspired afterward. Her energy and passion for writing fuelled our conversation. We talked for a few hours. I honestly believe we could have talked longer. I came home vowing to make some positive changes, not only in my approach to writing, but in my life in general. The time feels right.

Have you ever sensed that change was coming, yet you chose to ignore the signs until you were suddenly forced into it? That’s kind of how I feel at the moment. I’ve been sensing a shift, yet holding onto the old even though it hasn’t been serving me all that well.

I like challenges. I really do. I like trying to figure out what needs to be done and then doing it.

Easter is all about change. It’s about hope and inspiration, opening our hearts and minds to all we can be. It’s about rebirth and rising up to meet the challenges that come our way, not simply giving in because we find things too hard. I believe Easter is also about being all we can be and then some.

Now is a good time make changes in our lives. I feel inspired just writing that. At this time, that’s exactly where I am.  :)

Happy Easter!

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  1. Laura, I was born and raised Catholic and this was a very important week when I was growing up. Later, I also learned that as Christians we have “borrowed” from the Judiac traditions, have often modified the Muslum teachings and as the baby in world religions we as Christians have woven a fine tapestry of our own traditions.

    In the world of Buddha and in all indegenious Indian cultures, this is the season of change, of new growth and nature’s renewal … a time when nature rises up from the depths of winter’s darkness and greets us with her amazing colors and for those who believe … a time when spirits can also rise to become better or different.

    Embrace whatever changes you are longing and find yourself renewed :)

    • Thanks so much, Florence. I’m looking forward to these changes. It’s an exciting time.. :)

      Happy Easter!!

  2. This is the most inspirational post I have read in a long time. Yes. I do believe change is in the air for many of us and it is time to embrace it. Happy Easter to you and yours Laura. XO

  3. Happy Easter and best wishes for all the changes you undergo!

  4. Happy Easter

  5. Praying for positive changes and a strong sense of purpose as you move ahead, Laura!

  6. As grew, I believed major changes came only in the new year. I was so wrong. Change can come any day of the year, on the brightest day or the cloudiest. True change comes from within. You may wear the same jeans, eat the same breakfast and drive the same car, but when your attitude changes, you begin to see things differently. Change must occur for growth or things become stagnant. For those who say nothing changes, they are wrong. Everything changes. And change is a wonderful thing.

    I can feel the energy in your post, Laura. You have ignited the butterflies in my stomach to take flight. I have been feeling similar these days but it has nothing to do with spring. It is looking at positive things in the future which brings about positive attitude changes. Seeing and considering the possibilities uplifts the spirit.

    Ride the air waves; it is a wonderful view.

    • You’re so right, Diane. Change begins with a change of attitude, and it starts with us. Life is all about change.Sometimes that change is so subtle over time that we’re not even aware of is happening, but it’s there. :)

      Glad to hear you’re looking at the postive things in the future. It’s exciting, isn’t it?

      Happy Easter!

  7. I went through a similar experience over Christmas when I was home from Japan. I didn’t have a job to come back to Japan for and since I felt my time here was not up I was forced to start being proactive about my future. I made some changes in my life and more importantly, my attitude and I feel more positive changes coming.

    Happy Easter


    • Hi Shana! Welcome and thanks for commenting. I know there are some who scoff about having a postive attitude, but I believe it is what keep us reaching for more and trying to make good changes come about. So glad you’re feeling better about the future. Happy Easter. :)

      PS: I’m assuming your one of Mel’s friend right? Or else have the same name.

  8. As Diane mentions, so many people look at New Year’s Day as the appropriate time for new beginnings. They resolve to do an about turn, and expect instant results. But most changes I’ve encountered have come gradually. Like growth, I haven’t always seen the difference until I’ve looked back, although sometimes it builds, like a ground swell. Whatever you’re experiencing sounds exciting and I hope the momentum keeps going for you. Easter is definitely a good time for positive action!

    • Easter is a perfect time for change. I wasn’t expecting it to be this way. Circumstances came my way and I chose to look at them in a positive way. :) I like taking action, especially when it seems a necessity. I sometimes need a wake-up call to get me going…Happy Easter, Carol!

  9. Happy Easter!

    May your muse bring you beautiful stories and lovely words. :-)

  10. Your post really hit home. My writing life and my feelings about it have been going through major changes lately. Though I’ve come to terms with and are embracing most of them, I still miss the company of invented characters that come and live with me when I’m writing fiction.Today I’ll be thinking a lot about your words: “It’s about hope and inspiration, opening our hearts and minds to all we can be.” Thanks, Laura, and I wish you every success with your new project.

    • So glad you found something of value in my words, Heather. And who knows, there’s nothing saying those invented character won’t be waiting for you down the road. I like to think that we are all exactly where we need to be. Happy Easter!

  11. fivecats

     /  April 8, 2012

    A very inspirational post. I, also, like to hang onto the old on occasion. It’s all about staying in the comfort zone. Stepping outside the comfort zone is the thing that keeps it all interesting. May your steps outside the zone be exciting ones.

    Happy, Happy Easter!

  12. I love having those flashes of inspiration. There’s no denying that change can be a scary thing and staying in our comfort zones can feel all too comfortable. Moving forward is an exciting prospect. :)

    Hapy Easter to you!

  13. I am inspired by the quote and the photo, and your post, too. Blessings to you, Laura…

  14. Great quote, and the photo is inspiring. I love a season of change, when something new is birthed. Can’t wait to see the outcome.

    • You know, Patti, I feel so inspired I didn’t even mind the three inches of snow we woke up to on Easter morning… One thing I was certain of, it wasn’t going to last very long. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!!

  15. This is difficult because I am expecting big changes, but I can’t say what they are yet. It’s too soon. But I’m excited. And I loved your post. I get it!

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