The March Robin

Sunny but cold on the first day of March here in Nova Scotia. It’s hard not to think of that saying that if March comes in like a lamb will will go out like a lion.

This little robin sits in the apple tree outside our kitchen window. I can only imagine that it’s waiting for warmer weather, as are many of us. Robins have been showing themselves for weeks now. For some this represents Spring on the way, others look at it as a sign that many stayed here for the winter.

My first round of edits for my fall MG novel is now back safely in my editors hands. There were a few near catastrophes when my word doc put up a protest one morning but I was able to avert (I won’t say a near disaster) but certainly a mini disaster.

I am still waiting for the title to be settled upon and to see a cover. I will share these as soon as I know.

Here’s hoping that this sunny first day in March will be the first of many. Forget about the lion. It’s time for the lamb to step up.

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  1. It was a sunny and warm day here today which makes me think we may have a storm or two at the end of the month. Good luck with the next book. I will have one out this fall too, all being well.


    • I didn’t realize you have another book coming out this fall. Terrific! Is it another Amanda book? I am ready for Spring and hoping for no more storms. We’ve had one every week, I think.

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      • Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral is scheduled for mid-September all being well. I hope your stormy weather is finished.


        • France sounds fascinating. Amanda is so lucky to visit all these places. Looking forward to your new book.


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