As the Pumpkin Grows

There has been a new development in the ongoing saga of Laura and the Giant Pumpkin that I haven’t yet revealed. Perhaps you recall that a few weeks back I mentioned that our pumpkin seemed to have stalled. Turns out I was right. Upon further investigation we discovered that our precious pumpkin had met an untimely demise. It died and we didn’t know. We didn’t even get to say goodbye as it slowly began to rot. I know, I know… poor Pumpky.


New life sprung up out of the ashes..or the vines as the case might be. Much to our surprise, a second pumpkin began to grow, and we watched while it grew in excess of the first one. This was one of the clues that there was something amiss with the first one. Sadly, Pumpky ended up in the compost heap. It was all we could do.


We started again and here we are. Already bigger and better than our first. Last weekend the son used his formula to calculate the weight and told us it was around 90 lbs. It would, of course, be heavier by now. I know his urban pumpkin is bigger but, chin up, we’ll persevere.

While we long ago accepted that we’re not going to end up with a thousand pound pumpkin, (Good Lord what would be do if that happened?) this has been a learning experience for us and, who knows, maybe one day…..

Hmm…I wonder how the son’s urban pumpkin is doing.  Perhaps he’ll send a photo  for me to share..

Next weekend is Halifax Word on the Street at the Halifax Central Library on Spring Garden Road; Sept 16th to be exact. Here’s the schedule. I’ll be reading from Cammie Takes Flight at 10:00 in the BMO Community Room. If you’re in the city that weekend and would like to visit the new library, it would be wonderful to look out and see a familiar face. I’ll also be signing at the Nimbus Publishing table, although I’m waiting for confirmation on a time. Less than a week. Time is closing in.

              Urban Pumpkin Update:

Since the son just sent a photo of his urban pumpkin the other night, I’m going to tack it onto the end of this post. The estimated weight is 177 lbs. He says it’s three weeks ahead of where his pumpkin was last year this time.

The Urban Pumpkin

So, here a photo of the son’s urban pumpkin just to show you the competition is real and ongoing. He’s a competitive guy, this son of mine. I noticed it from the time he was quite small. Believe me, these things don’t go away on their own. They only grow and grow like –like a giant pumpkin.



He sent me this photo to gloat just a little  show me. About ninety pound, he says. He’s got some formula for determining the weight  (top secret so far as I can tell since he hasn’t once shared this tidbit with dear old Mum.) Now, I’m all for a friendly completion but I’ve been a little suspicious about things ever since he came out to visit the other weekend. He spent some time at my pumpkin patch, granted his dad was with him the whole time but, as the son well knows, Dad can be distracted quite easily—a quick, “Look at that!” will often do it. So, ever since that weekend I’ve had a sense that my pumpkin has stalled. Now, I don’t have any real proof , just a “lukewarm speculation ,” as Cammie would say. And now, for two weekends in a row the son has come out from the city to inspect our patch. (Tell me that doesn’t seem a tiny bit suspicious!)  If he makes another trip this weekend I’m going to be on high alert. He’s not getting out of my sight. Now I don’t want to use the word sabotage, but… Let’s just say I’ll be watching him like a hawk. No getting distracted by hugs and kisses from the grandkids, neither.

So in lieu of this new development, I’ll delay posting a photo of the country pumpkin. It’s time to regroup, maybe come up with a plan of my own. I might just have to make a trip in to visit this urban pumpkin.

Pumpkin Update

Our lives have changed since we became the growers of a giant pumpkin. Just the other day I found myself hurrying down to the pumpkin patch just to have a little peek. I checked it again when I got home–just to see. It’s an endless task, this checking to see how much the pumpkin grew while you were away. Any number of things could go wrong in our absense. My stepfather’s pumpkins fell prey to groundhogs one year. Mind you, they weren’t giant pumpkins, but our pumpkin hasn’t actually reached “giant status” yet. There could be some greedy groundhog roaming the property just waiting to sink its teeth in. I mean, really, who knew a groundhog would eat a pumpkin?

We’ve been getting plenty of rain lately and I would think that’s a good thing, but is there such a thing as too much rain? Oh the questions are endless.

So there’s our baby nestled among the vines and leaves. It’s gone past last week’s basket ball. I think it’s got a pretty good start. And keep your fingers crossed that we don’t get any early frosts.

Laura & the Giant Pumpkin

Okay, giant might be a strong word to use here in the title. Presently, the pumpkin is about the size of a basketball as you can see from this photo. So why a giant pumpkin? They’re actually from seed from the word famous Howard Dill Pumpkins.

Summer here in Nova Scotia is about all about growing things. Well almost. It’s also about swatting mosquitoes and black flies and chasing those annoying dog flies around. I won’t  even mention ticks because right there is another blog post for another time. Believe me. If you live in rural Nova Scotia you know what I’m talking about.

There’s never been a time when I didn’t have a vegetable garden, but this is the first time we’ve attempted a giant pumpkin. Last year, my son grew one in his back yard in Lower Sackville that reached over two hundred pounds. Not bad when you think that he started his plants late and grew them in a planter box. This year he’s vowing to grow a ginormous one and guess what? The contest is now on. Will a rural pumpkin beat out an urban one? I’m not sure. These things are complicated. Used to be you put seeds in the ground and waited for them to come up and keep the weeds pulled. But gardening has suddenly changed now that we’re tending a giant pumpkin. There was the pollination process (covering up blossoms and spreading the pollen) special fertilizers, watering. Now I’m told we need to get it an umbrella so it won’t get sunburned.  Won’t get sunburned! Anyway, for the next few months it’s our baby, to have and to hold–luckily no diapers to change, although for some reason that wouldn’t surprise me.

Kind of thinking I’ll post a pic every so often to keep you updated. We shall see if time allows.

Do any of you grow a garden? If you have any more tips for growing a giant pumpkin please leave them in the comment section. I’m really hoping to win this contest!

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