The Good Ole’ Summer Time

We talk about how time flies and that is so true. I’m finding it difficult to wrap my head around the idea that our July is over. I can remember the summers of my childhood when those two months of summer vacation seemed to drag on forever as we busied ourselves with trips to the lake, playing ball, picking wild berries and riding our bikes.

They were certainly simpler times back then and a much slower pace. Growing up in a tiny community we lead a sheltered life in many ways. A truck came through once a week with groceries and a trip into “town” was a half hour drive over the dusty rough roads.

I’ve lived in this little community all my life and I’ve seen many changes in the community. Some times while driving through I think about the houses that are no longer standing, the people who have passed away, all things that would go unnoticed to someone who hasn’t lived here their entire life.

I’m sure that growing up in a rural community has a lot to do with my love for historic fiction. I also enjoy our own local history, all the little details that make up our past. I find it fascinating.

My upcoming book A SURE CURE FOR WITCHCRAFT, is not only about the belief and fear people had of witchcraft, but the main character and her family embark upon a trip across the Atlantic to the New World as so many Foreign Protestants did at that time. My ancestors were among them so I feel a strong connection to the book. I am so pleased to finally see this book being published.

I’ll leave you with this oldie that kind of popped into my head as I was writing this post. Enjoy your weekend. I hope the rest of your summer is peaceful and fun.

Down on the Farm

Come with me and I’ll take you for a little trip down on the farm, the Ross Farm Museum that is.

Not far from where I live is the Ross Farm Museum. I love going there. Strange, but I feel as though I’m going home whenever I visit. It’s that step back I time, I think, that feels so comfortable for me. I’m also inclined to think I write historical fiction for that very reason. It feels good and comfortable. I can easily imagine living in that time and place.

I thought I’d share some of the photos I took a few weeks back. There is lots to see and do every day. I wish we had more time that day because you could spend hours there and probably still not see everything.

It was a beautiful fall day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. I really like the fences. Okay, so I like it all, the fences, the haywagon, the buildings.

I close my eyes and imagine the wagon heaped up high with hay.

Lots of wood for the winter. There really is nothing like wood heat when the wild wintery wind is blowing.

A peek inside the farmhouse. I’m not sure that bed is very comfy, but no one ever said life back then was easy. No luxuries to be found, at least not what we would consider luxuries.

So there you have it, a little step back in time. There is plenty to be learned from those who came before us. I appreciate that not everyone finds history as  fascinating as I do. In fact, I’ve heard many people say they really could care less. That makes me a little sad because one day we’ll be a part of the past and everyone, no matter who they are, deserves to be remembered in some way. We can’t all go down in history for the remarkable things we’ve done, but that doesn’t make our lives any less important.

Past or present, which do you prefer?

Hey Cats, Some Happening Tips For Writing Historic Fiction

Hey all you cool cats out there in blogland, can you dig the idea of a blogpost that goes back in time? Sure you can. …Late sixties maybe even seventies. I mean, I’m more into the seventies myself. Mini shirts, maxi dresses, peace signs as big as your head–they were the in thing when I was a chick in high school.

No, you don’t have to be smoking any grass to go back into the past. No time machine is necessary. Imagination’s where it’s happening. I mean words are, groovy, cool and hip, so get with it. Put your brain to use, dudes. Close your eyes and dream, cause dreaming’s outta sight!

Now you all know I’m into the historic fiction scene– writing and reading it—and part of writing historic fiction is using the lingo of the day to make the story as authentic as you can make it.  I mean, it’s got to be happening or your reader’s just not going to buy it. They won’t learn to trust you as an author and what that means in the long run is you won’t make any bread off your story. That’s just not groovy. A writer without sales is like, well, a writer without an audience.

So I was hunting around the Internet for some slang words from the sixties and seventies. You just never know when I might set a story in that time period. The lingo was far out back then, don’t you think?

So here are some cool tips when writing historic fiction that I hope you can dig.

1.The important thing to remember while writing historic fiction is to do your research. You don’t want to confuse readers. Having a  real-life character from the eighties show up in your 1970’s novel is just not cool or vice versa.

2.Make sure you set your novel at an exact time and place. Bitter, Sweet was set in 1948, not the 1940’s; Dalhousie, not Nova Scotia. All those cool cats out there reading your book want a specific date and place so don’t generalize.

3.Make sure you read lots of historic fiction to get in the groove. This goes for any genre you’re planning to write in. The more you read in that genre, the more familiar you will feel when writing it.

4.Keep in mind the dudes you’re writing about have attitudes, quirks, beliefs, and knowledge of the period they’re living in. Adding some of the lingo from that time can also take the reader back to that time and place.

5. Always remember characters in historic fiction are individuals with their own personal story, they’re not just part of historic events that took place in the past. A story might be set during wartime, but you need to make that character real with good and bad qualities, worries, unique problems and even secrets. Hey man, dude’s gotta have a secret or two , right?

So while I’m musing over some of the far out lingo from back in the cool seventies, I hope you’ll find these cool tips boss. And if you can think of any other cool tips, we could really dig you sharing them with the rest of us cats!

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